A simple life is a concept store based on our concept “sustainable minimalism”. In the first menu you will find the store with our carefully selected products and to your right you have our platform with articles, events, music, movies and more. Both parts are ment to inspire you to live a sustainable and mindful life with less chaos and more focus on what life you want to become truly happy.

We are selecting our products based on whether they are:

- Sustainable in both material and production
- Healthy and clean, free of harmful chemicals
- Fair og ethically produced
- Of excellent craftsmanship and high quality
- Timeless and simple in the design
- Adding value to a slow and mindful lifestyle
- Produced under responsible animal welfare

We highly prefer working with smaller independent brands where the desire for making a positive difference in the world is more important to them than the desire for making a lot of money.

Our psysical store is located in Copenhagen, Østerbro.

A longer describtion of the concept will follow.

Wishing you peace and loving vibes,

Amanda Løkke
- founder of a simple life

“Forever a child” lyrics and music by Fia

The mountains are calling they’re calling me home
Been stuck in the city for too long
Living this way is slowly driving me insane
Oh I can not breath between four walls

And like the river start a running
I’m meant to be that wild
Sorry I’m not sorry I’ll forever be a child
The earth is my mother I’m carried by the wind
Guided by the stars and the fire within

The beauty of silence in a world full of noise
Luxury today is offline mode
And while you’re looking at your screen I’m out here
living the dream and you’re welcome everytime you’d like to join

Listen to the song here


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coming soon