Another escape magazine – vol.11

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The Frozen Volume

Another Escape is an independent media company championing outdoor lifestyle, environmental stewardship and regenerative living. Through celebrating the stories of those inspired by nature, we encourage people to connect with the natural world in meaningful ways so they may become active stewards of our planet.

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The Frozen Volume includes stories about thrilling outdoor pursuits, from Nordic skating on the vast and numerous lakes of Sweden, to dogsledding across frozen fjords and into wild snow-cloaked mountains, to braving the cold, paddling out and surfing in arctic waters. It features one man’s adventure to collect the world’s most comprehensive collection of snowshoes and his attempt to preserve the dying art of traditional snowshoe making; and one woman’s commitment to enduring the seasons and tending a weather station in the remote wilds of Iceland. It learns lessons in glaciology, discusses our complex relationship with our planet’s changing climate, and uncovers the plight of equatorial glaciers. This volume’s travel section ventures to the frigid coast of Greenland, a landmass dominated by ice and home to a culture founded on spirituality and traditional technologies.

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