Body balm – morgenfrue

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Give your little one the best start with this natural and organic body balm. Does not contain any chemicals. Just pure nordic nature.

For the whole family. If it is clean enough for your baby – it is clean enough for you.

A beautiful gift for every new mom and dad.


Organic calendula (morgenfrue) is rich in saponins that are bactericidal and soothing.

Organic rose hips (hybenkerne) are rich in C vitamins, which helps keep skin moisturized. Also contains galactolipids that act antibacterially and suppress redness and eczema.

Pure Nordic nature.


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Produced in Denmark.

Organic danish specialized baby care. Free of perfumes, dyes, parabens and endocrine disrupting PVC and phthalates. Made with the uses of wild nordic plants.

Both smaller and larger children (and their parents) often get dry skin due to cold, water and drying.

The body balm is designed to provide extra care, moisture and to protect exposed areas and delicate skin on the baby’s body, elbows and knees.

60 ml.


About the brand:

Vild Nordisk Natur was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, but already in 2014 – when we ourselves became parents for the first time – the first thoughts began to take shape. We were and are very concerned about the harmful chemistry, dyes, perfumed products and hormone-containing preparations that babies and children are exposed to.

We are particularly concerned about possible relationships between these factors and a large number of allergies, diseases and hormone disorders in the short term and later in life. And why, when it can be avoided?

Based on local Nordic active ingredients, local development and production, shortest possible content lists and ecology, we and our talented team therefore started to solve the biggest challenges for parents: dry baby and child skin, red noses, dry lips and arp on the scalp. This is how we think simple and safe child care products should be made.

In 2017, Vild Nordisk Natur launched its first series of organic specialty products for babies and children.

Vild Nordisk Natur can be purchased in specialty children’s and organic stores, from midwives and since 2018 in the
first pharmacy.