Trousers men – mustard

800,00 DKK 300,00 DKK

Everyday trousers made with a soft lyocell & cotton mix. Classic cut, normal waist, regular fit and front side pockets.



– Sustainable fabric

– Comfortable and soft

– Natural fibers (lyocell and cotton)

– Use for all seasons

– Timeless and classic

Produced in Portugal (EU)


Weaved in Famalicão and sewed with love in Leiria, Portugal.
Fabric: 56% Lyocell, 41% Cotton, 3% Elastane

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Lyocell is a natural and particularly sustainable cellulose fibre, because it is made from wood pulp. The fibre production itself is particularly eco-friendly as it constitutes a closed loop in which the solvent is reused repeatedly. Know more about our Lyocell supplier.

Fabrics created with Lyocell are among the softest and most high performance in moisture management to keep you cool, healthy and comfortable.


About the brand:

Näz is a portuguese brand born as an answer for the search of a new way of producing clothes, combining minimalist and modern design and, at the same time, transparent, fair and ecological processes.

Understanding that sustainability is a balance and that we can hardly produce something that doesn’t have any environmental impact , we are constantly looking for the best way to obtain local, raw and quality material, without generating more impact on the environment, and that has a positive social impact, inspired by the concept of circular economy, we created partnerships with Portuguese factories in order to develop new recycled products.

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