Ritual kit large – midwinter

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Tap into the wild & wonderful energy surrounding us to totally transform your life.

Use the hand-picked, high-vibe products and follow the ritual guide to help you set intentions and create a radiant and happy new you.


Work with mind and soul

Natural and organic ingredients

Enviomentfriendly packating

Lovely gift idea


Produced by hand in England

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This set includes 6 products:


CLEANSE – burn the Wild Smudge Stick to cast out negative energy & bring in a positive healing life force.⠀

MEDITATE – light the Luna Candles to gently cast light on your truth – in person, place & purpose.⠀

INVOKE – hold the Clear Quartz to feel its high vibrations gather good thoughts, feelings, words & actions.⠀

RELAX – remove old energy from your body & spirit and allow the Midwinter Bath Salts to leave you renewed, recharged & ready to go.⠀

RADIATE – anoint yourself with the Midwinter Body oil to soften & nourish your skin.⠀

ME-MAP – commit your intentions to paper and pin up in your kitchen to remind you and the Universe of your wishes for the future.⠀

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